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Bullet Fact-Finding

        In addition to our in-depth research capabilities, we have an internal capacity for fact-finding which we can make available to Affiliates in a limited way. We can, for instance:

  • Produce a snapshot of most companies, including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and contract awards; new products and services; financial statistics; competition; and legal and regulatory involvements.
  • Help your staff or consultants get started putting together an overview of an industry or market niche, including players, competition, size, etc.
  • Survey the business, regulatory, legal, and marketing press for a quick overview of a hot topic.

        Our resources include: Access to the enormous Harvard and Boston Public Library systems (as well as many other library catalogues) via the Harvard OnLine Library Service; our own in-house library, which contains current and historical literature on information policy, as well as standard and specialized reference books; familiarity with most of the publicly available on-line databases; and proficiency in Internet research. Our special strength, however, is our ability to discover and contact expert sources of information, in government, industry, and academia—that is, to find out who knows what and how to reach them.

        Our skill at combining expertise in using these data-gathering tools with our knowledge of the subject matter allows us to zero in on the important information quickly.

        Sample projects include the following:

Sample projects


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