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Bullet Confidentiality

        We keep strict confidences. We do not sign nondisclosure agreements; we keep secrets. Our record is unblemished. Other assurances of our confidentiality:

  • Support comes from active competitors and would be vitally threatened by a "leak."
  • Affiliation does not commit an Affiliate to discussing anything with us.
  • Our printed or other presentations can be traced to public sources. We maintain files to back up this claim.
  • Topics of our conversations are private.
  • The persons or organizations with whom we have met are not named—nor, if necessary, the locations.
  • All quotations and attributions are cleared—or they are not used, even in drafts undergoing review.
  • All confidential documents are returned or destroyed after we respond to them.
  • Affiliation does not commit an Affiliate to disclose anything to us.

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