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Bullet Competence

        We strive for competence by continuous fact-finding and written analysis.

        In a typical year, we complete about a dozen publications. We strive for competence through review by stakeholders and disciplines at every stage.

The Review Process

        We steer clear of both partisan advocacy and least-common-denominator consensus. Reviewers let us know:

  • Are we barking up the right tree?
  • Have we unearthed the critical controversies?
  • Have we framed the "real" issues?
  • Do we have the facts straight?
  • Have we correctly portrayed their organization, its stakes, or its interests?
  • Have we done justice to what their discipline or profession can contribute to illuminating the issues?
  • Have we fairly sampled the range of options?
  • Is our presentation intelligible?

The ultimate responsibility is ours.

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