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Bullet Audiences

        We work closely with our Affiliates, because those are our closest relationships. But our goal is to inform all policy and strategy makers and the public as well.

        We routinely send our papers to the relevant officers of federal and state administrations, legislatures, and regulatory bodies. We also frequently meet with those officersóregardless of whether or not they are affiliatedóto discuss their issues.

        We offer courses and seminars within Harvard University as well as a seminar open to both the Harvard community and the public. We offer support and encouragement to other programs conducting research on information and communications.

       We are often cited or quoted in the trade press.  We appear in the mass media. We have authored a cover article for The New York Times Magazine and we wrote the keynote article for the centennial issue of Science. We have been quoted or cited in Clarin, The Economist, the Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, the Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, The New York Times, the San Francisco Examiner, Time, and many other widely read sources of news and opinion. We have appeared on "All Things Considered," "The Cambridge Forum," "The Voice of America," and all three national networks' morning programs.

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